Daytime Video Including
      Daytime Ground Photos

  • All videos are hosted on bayphotos youtube
    channel with a link emailed to client to enable viewing.
    Please note we only shoot daytime video and must be shot at the same time as photos
    Two Video Styles Available - Fast Track and Slow Pan
    (slow pan fee includes a free agents voice over if required)
    Voice over not available with Fast Track Video style, see blue print below

      Up to 90 Seconds       Up to 180 Seconds      
            Fast Track                     Slow Pan
  •           $190.00                  $350.00             Hervey Bay - Urangan to Toogoom
  •           $210.00                  $370.00             Sunshine Acres, Parts of Booral
  •           $220.00                  $380.00             Riverheads & Anything South of Booral Road
  •           $230.00                  $390.00             Burrum Heads
  •           $260.00                  $420.00             Burrum River, Walligan
  •           $270.00                  $430.00             Parts of Torbanlea
  •           $300.00                  $460.00             Parts of Howard, Pacific Haven          
  •   Agent on Camera Opening and Closing Speech is Free on All Videos

  •   Slow Pan video fee includes a free Real Estate Agents Voice Over if required.
  •   Professional Voice Over, with script supplied by you, add $80 (Slow Pan Video).
  •   Just Video with no photos reduce above fees by $30

  •   4 Drone Still Photos add $90 to above fees
  •   4 Drone Still Photos plus short Drone Video add $185 to above fees
**Terms & Conditions apply as shown on photo price page & here. All videos are copyright and must NOT be altered in anyway without written permission from bayphotos. To change agent contact details cost $30. Bayphotos logo is superimposed at bottom right corner of all videos and credits at end. All videos are hosted on bayphotos youtube channel and you are supplied a link. Property must be ready for shoot before photographer gets there and is shot as presented on his arrival. Upon payment client is given licence to use photos and video to market property. Bayphotos shall not be liable for any legal claim or damages resulting from publication of images & client shall indemnify Bayphotos against any such claim. Commissioning photographer is acceptance of these terms. Photos & videos are owned by Bayphotos & may be used for marketing. Prices may change without notice.